By stimulating our innate ability to heal ourselves, acupuncture can relieve symptoms of disease and promote health on many levels.

Herbal Medicine

Herbs and botanicals have been used to treat a wide range of health problems throughout Asia for thousands of years.


From a nutritional standpoint it is important to understand how you might aid your healing by choosing appropriate foods.


Andress Acupuncture

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You are indeed carrying within yourself the potential to design and to create an utterly satisfying and joyful, and pure lifestyle.

- Rainer Maria Rilke


Back in the Game

My massage therapist referred me to Carrie Andress because she's a Sports Acupuncturist. I couldn't sleep on my right side for 2 years and couldn’t raise my arm to blow dry my hair. The worst part was not being able to hike, bike or swim. Two orthopedic specialists told me the only way to get relief was surgery. After a short time of seeing Carrie, I began to get relief and was back at my high level of activities. Carrie is very reassuring, calming, professional and thorough, and I always feel relaxed and have a restful sleep after her treatments.

Mary Noone

Pain Relief for a Dancer & Film Editor
I was referred to Carrie Andress by a friend who had excellent results with sinus issues. Having been a professional ballerina and now a film editor, I suffered from a myriad of painful conditions such as shoulder pain for over 2 years, upper back, arm, elbow and hip tightness. After my first visit with Carrie, the shoulder pain had resolved and only one small spot remained at my elbow, but overall I could move better with each day. On my second visit, while she was working on me, the pain in my upper back melted away. She checked my elbow and that was also better. When I leave her office, my spine and posture are straight and feel aligned and I just feel good. Lastly, I had been suffering from severe PMS and after a few visits with Carrie, my next period was so much better. Overall, seeing Carrie has been a fantastic experience.

Frances de Larminat

Sports Medicine
I came to Carrie for severe shoulder pain I had for over a year. My pain level was a 10, and it was obvious to anyone who saw me as I was in agony and winced, grabbing my shoulder constantly. Upon seeing Carrie, she did an assessment and pinpointed not only areas of concern of what muscles were causing the problem in my shoulder, but even other problems, like my low back pain. She immediately started treating those areas, and over a short period of time I got relief. Even areas that were severely knotted subsided. I like that Carrie has a solid background in sports, and has been around athletes her whole life. She knew how important it was to get back in the game – and that was her goal with me. I'm back to doing everything I wanted and am active and pain-free!

Mike Rienzo

Functional Nutrition & Acupuncture for Flexibility, Immune Support & Depression

I have extremely tight calves, hamstrings and low back pain as a result of being a lineman for Central Hudson. I climb poles and have to wear climbing spurs over my boots, so I can't flex my foot. My exercise instructor sees Carrie and suggested I visit her to help loosen up my legs and lessen the pain. From the very first visit, I started to feel much better. My calves, hamstrings and low back all dramatically improved with having more flexibility and less pain. I left each visit feeling really grounded and even happy. This feeling would last anywhere from 4-6 days. This was a big deal for me as I have a tendency to suffer from depression.

I told Carrie I wanted to start working on better food choices and lose weight. By following her guidelines, that made me feel better about myself. The weight started to come off without any deprivation. I've also noticed my immune system has improved. I rarely got sick last winter and when I did, it was very mild and I got better right away. This has been an enriching experience for me to receive such good care from Carrie and know she can help me on so many levels of my health and well being. Thank you!

Chris Guido

I am writing this letter to recommend Carrie Andress. I have been a client of Carrie’s for about twelve years and she has helped me considerably during this time.

I initially sought Carrie’s help when I was having particularly difficult gastrointestinal issues. I was taking a daily dose of Previcid, prescribed by my gastroenterologist, was not enjoying eating, and was on the verge of having a procedure done to stretch my esophagus. I was also a patient at the Women’s Care Center run by Dr. Block and received a brochure from them advertising Carrie’s services. There were testimonials from clients, one of whom also had gastrointestinal issues, and I decided to see if acupuncture might help my condition. I saw Carrie twice a week for the first month and then about once every two weeks for about a year. My condition improved so that I no longer needed the Prevacid and I have not yet had the procedure to stretch my esophagus. When I started treatment with Carrie she suggested some modifications in my diet, recommended a few supplements as well as Chinese herbs. I continue to take the Chinese herbs and now see Carrie about every three weeks in order to maintain the comfortable status I have achieved under her care.

Carrie Andress has helped me tremendously – I would go so far as to say that she changed my life, certainly for the better. I have recommended her services to several friends.

Judy Dorney

I've been seeing Carrie Andress for acupuncture for almost a year, and it has become an important and effective part of my self-care regimen.  When I first started seeing Carrie, my main concern was my digestion.  After a few sessions, Carrie uncovered several other issues that surfaced as we talked more about my past health concerns.

Quite quickly, I experienced results.  My digestion has improved dramatically and gall stone issues have subsided greatly.  Carrie keeps up with the latest developments and approaches to acupuncture. Her knowledge of Chinese medicine and nutrition makes her treatments comprehensive and have secured
very positive results for me. Her needling technique is amazing, and I love the fact that she incorporates other modalities into her treatments.

Barbara Lane

I was referred to Carrie by a friend of my mother's 2 years ago for pain in my shoulder. After the initial evaluation, Carrie thought I may need an x ray and MRI to rule out a tear. She did treat me that day, and it immediately felt better, but not 100%. I eventually got the x ray and MRI, and indeed, it showed a tear in my labrum. After surgery, I felt I healed much more quickly, as Carrie helped with breaking down the scar tissue build up. My ROM also returned to normal.

Carrie also addressed other issues of concern. A few days before my period, I would get incredibly weepy and cry at the drop of a hat for no reason. I was also craving strange foods, like chocolate and hot sauce together or super salty foods. I was also very achey and cramping, not severe, but there was discomfort.

Carrie prescribed some Chinese herbs for me and my mood started to even out. I stopped crying, felt better overall and there was no more cramps! Even my strange eating habits subsided. Also, I was getting C+, sometimes a B- in college from ADD. Carrie started working with me on that, and now I am getting A's!

Overall, Carrie has gotten me on a fantastic regimen for taking care of myself and my family. We are all eating much better and feeling much better. This has been a life changing and positive process.


Kristine Carl